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Electronic Mail

The best way to get in touch is by email.

  • You cannot click on the address, but must copy it to your email program manually and adjust it to be a valid email address. We apologize for the inconvenience but this helps cut down on the amount of spam emails.
  • Include a descriptive subject line.
  • Don't send HTML-only email. Don't send your message as attachments such as word processor documents or images. Our email reader is for plain text.
  • Be patient. We get a lot of email. If you don't get a response within the time mentioned below, please resend your email.

Please select the most appropriate address from this list.

help2019 (at)

General help. Requests for information about Project Gutenberg eBooks or the Project Gutenberg Web pages. Responses typically within two days.

errata2019 (at)

Typos or other errata within eBooks. To report an error within an eBook (such as a missing word), please be sure to include the eBook number or specific filename or download link you used. Error reports are easiest to handle when they clearly indicate the context in which an error was found. Note that since Project Gutenberg includes many old titles, it is common for unusual or inconsistent spelling or arcane word uses to be found. If possible, check a printed source to verify whether an error exists, before reporting it. Messages to the errata list generate an automatic response that your report was received.
Any errata/bug/typo report is welcome! There is additional guidance in the FAQ on how to prepare errata reports so they are easiest for the Project Gutenberg team to handle. Start with FAQ #R.26 on how to report typos.

catalog2019 (at)

Catalog metadata errors. Report an error in the online catalog (such as a misspelled author name). There is no automated response, but typically your message is handled within a few days.

copyright2019 (at)

Copyright inquiries. Project Gutenberg copyright inquiries. But see before reporting potential misuse of copyrighted materials. For licensing questions, permissions and other such inquiries, the answer is probably in our Permission How-To. Please don't send email without first checking the How-To. Responses are typically sent within two days.

Postal Mail

If you need to send printed mail, please consider instead scanning and emailing to the appropriate address above. But if you really need to send something physical, send to this address:

Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation
809 North 1500 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Newsletter and Discussion Lists

For subscribing our mailing lists, visit our Subscribe How-To page. There is a monthly email newsletter, also some discussion lists (gutvol-d has occasional discussions among volunteers).

Distributed Proofreaders

The Distributed Proofreaders site includes active forums, FAQs and other items of interest for eBook lovers, eBook creators and potential creators. Contact information is available at the site, and online forums are also used for discussions and inquiries.

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