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Project Gutenberg is happy to be a part of other organizations' efforts. On these pages, we list some of our affiliates. In addition, we are aware of some products or services which seek to promote the distribution of free or low-cost literature, or which otherwise distribute Project Gutenberg eBooks.


  • Distributed Proofreaders. DP allows people to share in the tasks of proofreading, verifying and formatting eBooks for Project Gutenberg.
  • iBiblio, the public's library. IBiblio is our main eBook distribution site, holds our Web pages, and offers a variety of supporting services.

Sister Projects

Project Gutenberg of Australia

Project Gutenberg of Australia provides books which are in the public domain in Australia.

As a general rule the works of authors who died before 1955 are in the public domain in Australia. Works by George Orwell (died 1950), Virginia Woolf (died 1941), and James Joyce (died 1941), just to name a few authors, are in the public domain in Australia.

Of course, works which are in the public domain in Australia may remain copyrighted in other Countries, even for several decades. People may not download, or read online, such works if they are in a country where they are still under copyright. That still leaves a lot of readers out there to enjoy etexts of some of the greatest literary works of the twentieth century.

Project Gutenberg of Australia also provides a list all of the Project Gutenberg etexts (from both the US and Australian Collections) which were written by Australians or which relate (although loosely) to Australia, and has an extensive collection of books by and about the land and sea explorers who opened up the continent to white settlement.

Project Gutenberg of Canada

Project Gutenberg of Canada specializes in Canadiana literature in English and French, in the public domain in Canada. You can help proofread through Distributed Proofreaders of Canada.

Projekt Gutenberg DE

Projekt Gutenberg-DE. German literature. This was the second site to ask Michael Hart to use the Project Gutenberg name and concept, for German-language content. Currently run by a for-profit organization (Hille + Partner GbR), PG-DE provides free eBooks via their Web site, as well as selling eBooks on CD or DVD. For more information about PG-DE, read this German Wikipedia article. PG-DE runs their own Distributed Proofreaders site for content they distribute, but claims copyright on their work. The content from the central Distributed Proofreaders does not have such restrictions, and is intended for unlimited redistribution.

Project Gutenberg Europe

This site seems to no longer be active or functional.Project Gutenberg Europe, with an emphasis on European languages and cultures. Proofreading is accomplished with the help of Distributed Proofreading Europe.

Project Gutenberg Self Publishing Portal

The Project Gutenberg self publishing portal is available at It is provided by the Project Gutenberg Consortia Center, and is intended as a highly usable alternative to the main Project Gutenberg site for contemporary authors. Self-published works are welcome, as are works published previously.

Projekt Runeberg

Project Runeberg. Nordic literature. Historically, this was the first site to ask Michael Hart to use a name similar to Project Gutenberg for a sister project. emphasizes textual items for unlimited redistribution. This is the home of the Project Gutenberg PrePrints items not-quite-ready for the main Project Gutenberg collection, available for reading.

Affiliates, source of musical performances for many composers, in many formats. worked with Project Gutenberg on our sheet music subproject.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive. The Internet Archive was our long-time backup distribution site, and for several years our main site. They are actively working to produce more free eBooks, many of which become part of the Project Gutenberg collection., another source of human audio eBook readings. This is Project Gutenberg's main partner for new audio eBooks, and recommended for people who would like to volunteer to do readings. All Librivox recordings are granted to the public domain, which enables very widespread distribution. MP3 and other common audio formats are used, so that these may be listened to on computers, mobile devices, and recent CD/DVD players.


LiteralSystems source of human audio eBook readings., provider of free eBooks in all genres. Many Project Gutenberg titles. Features include reader recommendations and search by genre. Easily accessible for mobile devices.

The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page. Includes eBook listings and information.


Outernet uses free and open satellite transmission to broadcast content. Project Gutenberg is pleased to be one of the providers of electronic books., provides readability scores for Project Gutenberg titles. Their site features software for speed reading and better reading comprehension.


Wattpad features thousands of titles, including self-published titles, accessible for computer or mobile device. They support essentially every type of mobile phone. Their mobile site is

Links to locations that provide software, tools, or Project Gutenberg eBooks in different formats

Andrew Sly's List of Canadiana in Project Gutenberg

Andrew Sly's list of Canadiana in Project Gutenberg. As well as books by Canadian authors, one will find there books by foreign authors who have moved to Canada, books by Canadian-born authors who have made their homes elsewhere (such as Gilbert Parker), and various books written about or set in Canada (such as those by James Oliver Curwood).'s GEM eBook librarian site.

The Early Canadiana Online Project

The Early Canadiana Online project of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, source of scanned page images from early Canadian literature.


GutenMark, for converting Project Gutenberg texts to HTML or LaTeX.


Mobipocket offers a library of free ebooks in Mobipocket .mobi format. The main if not only source of the texts is Project Gutenberg.


MobileRead discusses all aspects of mobile ereader devices. The website also offers free ebooks in Sony eReader and Mobipocket format. The ebooks are handcrafted and often with new illustrations. The main source is of course Project Gutenberg.


The site provides open access to multi-genred erotic literature, free to use for everyone.

The website kindly hosts the PG Science Fiction CD as single download for those who cannot use BitTorrent. You can also find there the Baen CDs. Copyrighted, but free SF ebooks.


Annotated Works via Wikibooks, the free textbook project.